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White soda bread with sultanas

Realised before I went to bed last night that we had no bread left and went to freezer and none there either.

I was a bit bleary eyed but decided to put some in the bread maker and put it on the timer for the morning.

Woke up this morning to stronger smell of baking than usual. Went to bread maker expecting the nice usual golden brown fresh loaf to discover a solid, square, wet cement-like brick of goo in the bottom – I’d forgotten to put in the water. I remember putting on the kettle to make the water tepid, but I think I actually measured the water in the jug and then threw it down the sink instead of into the machine!

This inspired an intensive baking session. I’m incapable of making one loaf when it is just as easy to make three so this morning I made three loaves of white soda bread with sultanas; and three loaves of brown soda with sunflower seeds; and put a new loaf into the bread machine. I often do this and freeze four of the six loaves and then take them out the night before for breakfast.

My soda bread used sometimes to be a bit dry, but then I heard Rachel Allen explaining that as soon as the bread soda meets the liquid it starts to react and that it really important to get the mixture into the oven quickly. It is now always delicious and I have adapted Rachel’s recipes slightly.

You can see the recipes here: Brown soda bread with sunflower seeds; White soda bread with sultanas.


Written by SOKNH

March 16, 2010 at 1:19 pm

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