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The books I consulted today for the changed menu. The trout addition comes from Jamie Oliver; and the aubergine caviar from Constance Spry. Ann O'Kelly is my mum and, with slight alterations, the Boeuf Bourguignon comes from her family collection

Paddy’s day today and I have spent the whole afternoon pouring over my many cook books pondering menus. There is so much choice!

I have to bear in mind how each course goes with the rest of the menu and what I can manage in my kitchen with just one oven – not even a double.

This means there are plenty of things I can’t do and makes it tricky to get what should be hot, hot at the right time.

Still, I wanted to expand the menu and have one starter and main course that is slightly offbeat while keeping a choice of a more familiar dish too.

That’s how I have come up with the new menu. The soup means that those who choose the cold main course will still have the choice of hot food; and the tomato and aubergine salad is a cold contrast for those who choose the Boeuf Bourguignon. And for me, it means that there is one starter and one main course that can be ready a few hours in advance.

I’m sticking with cold desserts for the time being, although I am going to test Raymond Le Blanc’s apple tart this week. It is an open apple tart with custard baked over the apple. And is best served warm.

I am having four friends for dinner on Saturday and will be testing the tomato and aubergine caviar; and smoked trout salad out on them. Maybe the apple tart too.

While the SupperClubDublin is still fortnightly, I will continue to try out menus on friends and family on the alternate week!


Written by SOKNH

March 17, 2010 at 5:08 pm

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