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What a journey – from vaguely thinking about doing an underground restaurant to a review in the Sunday Tribune – all in a matter of weeks.

Food is so bound up with emotions and love that it’s a roller coaster. Every thing that people like makes you happy and anything they’re not 100% about makes you blush.

It’s great fun, but unsurprisingly it’s also more difficult than I expected. It’s a steep learning curve and I imagine it will continue to be. For that I am grateful. I am learning so much about cooking, what works and what doesn’t and it spurs me on to make it better the next time.

Many thanks to all the diners for being warm and friendly and open to the whole idea – no diners no supper club! Katy McGuinness, the Tribune food critic was one of those diners. Her review in the Tribune was very refreshing. Katy managed to give a warts and all review that was really useful and courteous – and it would be so easy to slip into being cynical or snide. Others have also kindly reviewed the supper club on their blogs.

I have been very fortunate to have the smiling and calming presence of my friend Angela, and the help of my husband and son too.

I have really enjoyed talking to the suppliers who are intrigued by the whole idea and very flexible in supplying me with what I want. So thanks Mag at Goatsbridge Trout farm;  Coolanowle organic meat farm; and Margaret who will be supplying organic chicken.

I now plan to source a local fruit and veg supplier – preferably organic.

So if you come to one of our events you will be made very welcome, have a good night, good food, and meet some new people.

– Sheila


Written by SOKNH

March 21, 2010 at 6:36 pm

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